Felicia Hoshino Illustration


Draw me a rooster…

2017 is Sora’s year… he’ll be a full zodiac cycle old. As tradition, I asked Sora and Yume to draw me a rooster. (See 2016 post Draw me a monkey…) This is what they came up with.


Here is Yume’s little bird, light and fluffy with a sideways glance…


Here is Sora’s rooster, full of feathers, standing tall and proud…


This is our nengajo card where I added color and superimposed both roosters together. Yume helped write most of the holiday message in English and Japanese. 


This is the other side of the card including “Popo,” Yume’s hamster. (Pronounced pō pō, NOT poo-poo!)  Happy New Year!



2 Responses to “Draw me a rooster…”

  1. Emi Love says:

    My son, Niko loves your Sora book and it was fun for him to see that Sora is a *real* boy pictured here. 🙂

  2. felicia says:

    Thank you Emi & Niko! I’m so glad Sora’s book continues to be enjoyed after all these years. 😀