Felicia Hoshino Illustration


Akabeko – “a wall of trees and saplings”

In commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the Great East Japan, Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, the JCCCNC invited artists/non-artists of all levels to decorate an akabeko, a folk toy of a mythical cow, to convey hope and encouragement from our community to the residents of Fukushima. Read more …

The illustration that I created was inspired by a visiting priest named Shuko Katayama of the Jitukuji Temple in Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture and his campaign “Umibe no Mori wo Tsukurou” to “build a wall of trees and saplings to protect the residents from future tsunami.” Read more…

It was also inspired by the Pacific Ocean near our home. At times the waters are rough, a powerful force of nature, but on most days it is a calm and peaceful landscape.

I used water color pencils and the figurine was made by Nozawa Folk Craft Shop in Nishi Aizu. All of the  akabeko created by the community will be on display at the JCCCNC and then shipped to Fukushima.

Thank you JCCCNC for inviting me to participate in this meaningful project!