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Elaina Erika Davis… An Open Studios Surprise!

On Saturday of Open Studios, one very unexpected visitor made her way into the studio. It just so happened that Elaina Erika Davis, was visiting San Francisco from New York City and upon entering the studio, found my illustrations to be very familiar. It finally dawned on her that (among numerous other audiobooks) she had narrated the Audible.com version of A Place Where Sunflowers Grow! It had been several years, but she recognized the illustrations as Audible had her read directly from the book during the recording. Needless to say, I was so surprised by this chance encounter, but luckily my school-girl-star-struck instincts kicked in and while asking if I could take her picture, I simultaneously whipped out my camera and slipped a copy of Sunflowers in her hands! Again, just one more example of how much the books have a life of their own.

Find out more about this very talented actress at www.elainaerikadavis.com.

Click here to hear a sample of Elaina’s narration and/or to buy an Audible.com version of A Place Where Sunflowers Grow.

Thanks again Elaina for stopping in and for beautifully bringing Mari-chan’s voice to life!

One Response to “Elaina Erika Davis… An Open Studios Surprise!”

  1. elaina says:

    Felicia, not only are you a gifted artist and kind person, so beautifully displaying strength of character through your humility, you are so generous, and the the grand pleasure was all mine. I am so grateful to have met you, and look forward to keeping abreast of what’s up with you.

    All the best,