Felicia Hoshino Illustration


Sora and the Cloud

Written and Illustrated by Felicia Hoshino
Japanese Translation by Akiko Hisa
Edited by Don Menn
Published by Immedium 2011

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about the book…

A noted children’s artist, Hoshino authors her first picture book,
inspired by her own experiences as a mother. The growing boy Sora
enjoys the ultimate daydream – to soar like a cloud!

Up in a tree a friendly cloud awaits! Hopping aboard, Sora and the Cloud
share a breathtaking adventure in the sky. Birds, kites, and fireworks whirl by,
as Sora connects his past experiences with the present. This poignantly underscores
how joyful memories of childhood and parenthood bind a family together.

This wonderful flight of fancy is created in Hoshino’s evocative style of mixed media.
Plus the bilingual Japanese translation highlights the empowering themes
of self-discovery and cultural exchange.

Hardcover – 36 Pages
10 1/2” x 8 1/2”
ISBN: 978-1-59702-027-5

about the translator…

Akiko Hisa
is a native of Tokyo, Japan. She studied fine arts, graphic and industrial design
in California. She enjoys finding ways to combine her creativity with her cultural background.
When she was young she really thought clouds were made out of cotton candy!

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“This tale of an adventurous boy at play unfolds in a satisfying progression,
and one can almost feel the delicious coolness of clouds as we ascend through
Sora’s skies. There’s a sense of magic being revealed in these pages, marked by
imagination and a palette of candytinted watercolors. Many of the pages are
graced with minute cultural references that delicately tie the bilingual words
back to the pictures. Hoshino infuses each scene with the glow of nostalgia
on a textured surface—the perfect touch to a book that is as gentle as a sigh.”
Patricia Wakida Curator, Japanese American National Museum

“Sora and the Cloud is delicate and lovely.”
Sara Gillingham Author/Art Director

“This is a wonderfully warm story of the adventures of Sora-kun and Cloud-kun
and how these experiences help them grow up. The author’s use of simple and choice
words makes it easy for children to understand the message in a short sentence.
I will like to read this story in English and Japanese to my students.”
Kumiko Inui, ABC Preschool Director