Felicia Hoshino Illustration


JBBP Matsuri Art

Once again, under Yuki Morris’s direction, I was asked to create the artwork for Rosa Parks ロザーパークス JBBP 46th MATSURI Annual Celebration & Fundraiser booklet and poster.

The imagery is inspired by all the Japanese cultural events, holidays and arts & crafts that my children would bring home from school throughout their elementary years. I also wanted to include portraits of the school’s namesake, Rosa Parks and fellow civil rights activist Fred Korematsu.

Detail. JBBP happi (coat) design by fellow parent Satoe Haile.

Detail. Portrait of Rosa Parks, Japantown Peace Plaza pagoda and oshougatsu (new year) food prepared by students, sensei and parents.

Detail. Sakura Matsuri (cherry bloss0m festival) parade cable car, school garden and portrait of Fred Korematsu.