Felicia Hoshino Illustration


Akemashite Omedetou ~ Happy New Year!

Here is our Happy New Year of the Rabbit 2011 card. For those not familiar with Japanese Oshougatsu New Year, many celebrate by enjoying a bowl of ozoni which basically consists of dashi soup broth with mochi rice cakes. Additional ingredients and garnishes vary from family to family. Sora & Yume are big fans.


Back side.


This is the original watercolor and pencil drawings I did on cold press watercolor paper. I then scanned it in, assembled the layout in Photoshop and then printed out on “paper bag” card stock on my inkjet printer


These are outtakes from the “photo shoot” session with Sora & Yume. “Pretend you’re drinking soup,” I instructed. Here is what the little rascals came up with. At times, Yume is pretty convincing, but Sora? Well, I just don’t know…

This is the one I used. I agree, not as entertaining as the others… but says a lot about their relationship… monkey see monkey do!

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  1. chiaki says:

    Nice photos!!!