Felicia Hoshino Illustration


Web Banner Designs

Recently I was asked to design and illustrate a couple of website banners. Just wanted to share them with you. If you are interested in having me create one for you, please contact me!

This first one is for Gingham Trundle which will eventually be a site where you can purchase among other things, dresses including those sewn by a group of women in Africa. I was inspired by the client’s description of her company:

“… summers in the country, hot and humid, with fireflies dancing over the creek, sitting on a quilt made by my grandmother.  I want girls wearing our clothes to feel that freedom and beauty.  I want them to inspire imagination in the beautiful, while giving work to those who need it.”

The illustration is a collection of pencil drawings that I scanned, composed and colored in Photoshop.

This second banner is for Collecting Nisei Stories, a site where Nisei (2nd generation Japanese American) writers are invited to share their stories surrounding the WWII Japanese concentration camp experience. Some stories, including Yoshito Wayne Osaki’s “My Dog Teny” which inspired the children’s book that I illustrated, where originally published in two books, “From Our Side of the Fence” and “Making Home from War” both edited by Brian Komei Dempster. Other stories are from various writing workshops that Brian and Jill Shiraki have hosted throughout the Bay Area.

The accordion folded image is a pen and ink and watercolor illustration that I scanned and superimposed over a photo collage done in Photoshop. The imagery in the collage where taken from personal photos the writers provided for the books.