Felicia Hoshino Illustration


ロザーパークス J B B P

Under Yuki Morris’s design and direction, I was asked to create the artwork for Rosa Parks ロザーパークス JBBP 45th Anniversary MATSURI Annual Celebration & Fundraiser booklet and poster.

Inspired by an illustration I did in the past for ABC Preschool, I wanted to include the school entrance decorated with crafts and imagery representing just some of the many cultural events and holidays celebrated at the Japanese bilingual and bicultural school. Keiro No Hi 敬老の日, Tsukimi お月見, Undokai 運動, Gakugeikai 学芸会, Oshogatsu お正月, Hina Matsuri ひな祭り, Sakura Matsuri 桜祭 and Kodomo No Hi 子供の日

I also wanted to depict the diversity of students.